Tesori di Artigianato

"Chapeau" is a typically French expression, now entered in our common language, usually used to express admiration, appreciation and esteem towards a person for his behavior or for his particular personal gift.
For some months I was thinking of a line of jewelry that was different from the usual, not for the originality of the materials but for the quality. A line of "niche" bijoux and accessories, designed for those women who never leave the value and care of their femininity to chance.
The research of materials has been careful and meticulous ... I have researched the beauty, the sophistication and the uniqueness in the stones, in the ceramics of Caltagirone; the elegance and the particularity in the pendants and in the brass elements. When I assembled everything to give life to my sketches, only one word came to my mind and that same word I exclaimed with admiration: CHAPEAU !!!

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